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  1. T Series

The t'Series is one of the luxury range by Dilmah. With the iconic "t" labeled on to each caddy. 

The link above you may choose Tea Bags or Loose Leaf packaging. *If there are specific flavors you are looking for but cannot find on our webpage please give us a call at 35685879 for additional info on other packings.

The personality of a fine tea can be experienced on the eye, on the nose and only then on the palate. When savoring genuinely special tea, these three senses must unite. To enjoy that experience in the best possible way, loose leaf tea is the only option. This is because loose leaf tea offers a spectrum of flavors, tastes and aromas based on the texture and form of the leaf. Dilmah offers the luxury of real loose tea with the convenience of a tea bag, a special diamond shaped bag with a silken appearance and generous size that allows the leaf to unfurl and brew without restraint. 



Free Delivery for orders over 800HKD. If under the minimum amount, an additional 40HKD will be charged for delivery fee. 
Payments can be done by Paypal or Cash on Delivery (Please Call us at 35685879 or Email us : Sales@quali-t.com.hk for confirmation)

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***Delivery Service for Hong Kong Customers
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